MUUTAA™ to Exhibit at AHRMM22, Booth 230

To see the future in your supply chain, visit MUUTAA at AHRMM22

Visit Booth 230 at AHRMM22 to learn how MUUTAA and DemandAMP+ unlock key insights in healthcare supply chain management.

QUEBEC CITY, QUEBEC (August 4, 2022) – As U.S. healthcare delivery becomes increasingly patient-centric, the supply chain also benefits when decisions are centered around current and future realities of product usage rather than historical ordering patterns. As the innovators behind the first and only supply chain AI solution that focuses on patient-driven demand, MUUTAA™ leaders will showcase their technology in Booth 230 at the annual conference of the Association for Health Care Resource & Materials Management. AHRMM22 will be held in Anaheim, Calif. on August 7-10.

“A clinically integrated supply chain is the way forward, and we support that framework with the ability to analyze all products, processes and providers involved in every episode of care,” said Korina Fischer, CEO and Cofounder of MUUTAA, adding that the data science is complex, but the user experience is simple and illuminating. “Everything we do aligns with our vision of a world where medication and medical supplies reach consumers with speed, precision and sustainable simplicity.”

Bringing supply chain visibility to the point of care – where medical supply needs are high in volume and difficult to predict – enables supply chain leaders to forecast demand more quickly and accurately. Because it is common for supply chain staff to spend much of their time managing data to make best-guess predictions for point of care supplies, the value of streamlining and enhancing predictive capabilities is substantial. Furthermore, MUUTAA’s deep machine learning platform and DemandAMP+ application are AI-as-a-Service solutions. That means they are available on the cloud for a secure and easily accessible way to harness healthcare AI without in-house expertise or large initial investments.

While the advanced technology augments human intelligence, it does not replace it. With MUUTAA technologies, supply chain leaders and managers remain in control of every decision made and action taken. DemandAMP+ works to inform those decisions with robust data integration, smart but accessible forecasting tools, and intelligent automation.

“Today, we are optimizing the purchasing process through patient-driven demand, which enhances micro and macro-level understanding of real-world utilization compared to clinical protocols,” explains Fischer. As the MUUTAA platform expands and our mission continuously moves closer to our vision, we believe the deep learning made possible through our platform will shed new light on protocol and medication adherence, which can ultimately inform better care and drive better health outcomes.”

To meet with MUUTAA at AHRMM22, visit Booth 230 during the event’s exhibit hours:

  • Monday, Aug. 8: 2:15pm – 5:30pm
  • Tuesday, Aug. 9: 9:00am -12:00pm

For those not attending AHRMM22, there will be another chance to meet with MUUTAA leaders at the Fall IDN Summit & Reverse Expo in Phoenix, Ariz., August 28-31. Meetings can also be requested anytime by contacting MUUTAA online.


With leading innovation for hospital and health system supply chains of all sizes, MUUTAA is a health technology firm based in Quebec and currently serving the U.S. and Canadian markets. Purpose-built for next-level agility and accuracy, MUUTAA solutions enable healthcare supply chain professionals to make more strategic and meaningful contributions to organizational objectives for cost, quality, and accessibility of care. The MUUTAA mission powers deep learning to inform smarter decisions, support better care and ultimately improve health outcomes.



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