Research projects

COVID-19 Urban Resurgence Simulator
MUUTAA™ collaborated with a team of international experts from the UK and Quebec, Canada to publish the COVID-19 Urban Resurgence Simulator. The COVID-19 Urban Resurgence Simulator is a predictive tool that allows public health authorities to simulate potential resurgence risks based on the adjustment of certain parameters such as probability of contact, proportion of asymptomatic people in the population and end of lockdown dates
Medication and Medical Supply Shortages

Mitigating the negative impacts of shortages by recommending alternatives or substitutes, thus avoiding treatment cancellations.

Contextualisation and Predictions for Medication Non-Adherence

Prediction algorithms identify customers at highest risk for medication non-adherence and provide pharmacists with suggestions for personalized interactions with their customers related to medication non-adherence.

Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment Accelerator

Pinpointing the most precise patient matches to clinical trials, valorizing clinical data residing within hospital clinical systems.