Introducing the healthcare supply chain’s first and only AI solution that focuses on patient-driven demand. By collecting and analyzing key data sources – including those often outside the supply chain’s reach – DemandAMP™ puts actionable intelligence at your fingertips. With DemandAMP+™, you will maximize supply chain visibility for optimal demand sensing, forecasting, procurement, and more. DemandAMP+™ supports more proactive, less reactive inventory management, which reduces stress on clinical, logistics and purchasing teams.

Better decisions faster

Powered by MUUTAA™’s cutting-edge AI platform, DemandAMP+™ performs the deeper data dives your hospital or health system needs to save time, reduce expenses, and transform previous best guesses into well-informed decisions. This secure, fully compliant solution amplifies your analytic and predictive capabilities while eliminating countless hours of manual data collection and laborious analysis from your workflow. 
How it works

The science behind DemandAMP+™ is complex, but the user experience is simple and illuminating. Our technology custom-creates your own Cognitive Assistant to continuously deliver insight that leads to action. Your Cognitive Assistant amplifies supply chain intelligence through its four primary functions: Contextualize, Predict, Simulate and Recommend.

DemandAMP+ the first and only AI solution for healthcare supply chains that focuses on patient driven demand
This cloud-based AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS) solution makes it easy for you to harness the extraordinary power of healthcare AI, without the need for in-house expertise or large initial investments. DemandAMP+™ automatically collects and interprets data to capture and convey true patient-driven demand, enriching your data with MUUTAA™’s own medication and medical supply data lake.
Discover the benefits

From time and cost savings to smarter strategic decisions, leaner on-hand inventories, better patient care, realistic supply chain scenario planning and even improved outcomes – the benefits of amplifying intelligence in the supply chain are many. Contact us today to see how this secure, HIPAA-compliant AI solution empowers you to make measurable improvements to your operations for meaningful impact on your organization, clinicians and patients.