MUUTAA.ML Platform


Large Scale



From its expansive libraries and pipelines of pre-trained but fully customizable algorithms to its robust tools for data structuring and transfer, the platform drives actionable intelligence like never before. What sets our platform apart from all other decision support technologies for hospital and health system supply chains? The MUUTAA advantages are many:

  • Purpose-Built & Specialized. is the only AI platform built specifically for healthcare supply chains. Its unrivaled flexibility supports custom applications and data extraction to your Business Intelligence tools.
  • Comprehensive Data Management. makes it easy to annotate and align data and valorize multiple aligned data sets. Built-in data services include: 
    • Data transfer tools and services 
    • Data central store 
    • Deidentification and security tools 
    • MUUTAA ML driven medical labeling and annotation services 
    • MUUTAA curated data
  • Large-Scale Machine Learning (ML). brings you all the advantages of machine learning without requiring your team to master the art of data science. ML capabilities include:  
    • Predictive algorithms
    • Optimization and recommendation engine
    • Anomaly detection
  • Transformational Simplicity. is built for sustainable simplicity, enabling supply chain leaders to advance the application of AI across the healthcare organization. Users can run templated AI tasks on your data and modify/adjust according to unique needs – with or without assistance from your dedicated MUUTAA data analyst – and the system is designed to grow and evolve alongside your data strategy.
  • Security, Reliability & Accessibility. is a secure, cloud-based solution. Through the turnkey convenience of AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS), our platform provides world-class architecture and security, so you can be confident that all data transfer is fully compliant and safe. Centralized data storage
    • HIPAA-compliant deidentification and security 
    • Hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    • Flexible cloud computing environment 
    • Meets security and compliance requirements for data locality, protection and confidentiality 
    • Protects information, identities, applications and devices 
Robust AI Framework


Exclusive pre-training models and fine-tuning tools with natural language processing specifically for healthcare


Expertly tuned for healthcare related algorithms


Robust R&D processes and methodologies for healthcare applications


Exclusive pre-training models and fine-tuning tools specifically for healthcare


Tuned to handle healthcare related algorithms


Robust R&D processes and methodologies for healthcare applications


Tuned to handle healthcare related algorithms


MUUTAA’S own medication and medical supply data lake to enrich user data


MUUTAA has accepted the white box challenge


Machine Learning and Deep Learning libraries categorically structured for healthcare


MUUTAA’S own medication and medical supply data lake to enrich user data

White Box

MUUTAA has accepted the white box challenge for transparent machine learning processes and easily understandable features 

Robust Platform Features

All platform features are designed to support your team in ensuring medication and medical supplies reach your consumers with speed, precision and sustainable simplicity. Our platform brings you: 

  • Built-in access to a public library of algorithms and the ability to segregate your own custom-built algorithms securely 
  • Accurate risk assessment and multi-year demand forecasting through automatic integration and computation of your existing supply chain data sources with meaningful data from your institutions’ systems, partner systems, public data, and MUUTAA’s data lake 
  • Flexibility to expand beyond the supply chain team, generating insights that can be extremely beneficial for your organization’s financial operations

Drive better, faster decisions in logistics, inventory management, and procurement. Signal to upstream partners that a change in demand is heading their way. Do all this and more starting today, with no upfront technology and resource investments required. 

Advancing AI in Your Organization

Empower your team to identify product outliers, consolidation opportunities, and the impact of substitutions with ease. Pinpoint protocol optimization opportunities by including billing data to compare what was ordered with what was consumed. Analyze vendor performance with precision. Optimize and expand your forecasting capabilities with highly reliable probability assessments – and much more. 

With informed, streamlined, and cost-effective decisions made possible by MUUTAA, you will make an immediate and lasting impact on your organization’s clinical, operational, and financial performance.

MUUTAA data lake

MUUTAA expands human intelligence with advanced computational capabilities and enriches your data with MUUTAA’s own medication and medical supply data lake. (A data lake is a centralized data repository that allows for exploration and analytics on all available data, which aids in identifying trends and major points of interest.)

Additional Information & Resources

We are here to answer all your questions and provide the information you need to start optimizing decisions and add essential building blocks toward a clinically integrated supply chain. Call our experts at (418) 559-5506 with questions or follow the links below for more information by topic: