AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS) for Better Supply Chain Decisions

Secure, cloud-based artificial intelligence – simplified.

In keeping with our vision of sustainable simplicity, our healthcare supply chain AI solutions are built from the AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS) model. AIaas provides turnkey, user-friendly ways for your organization to seize the extraordinary power of healthcare AI without needing in-house expertise or large initial investments.

AIaaS ensures you have rapid access to our software and solutions, as well as our ongoing support and expertise. MUUTAA™’s AIaaS subscription includes infrastructure, support and continuous optimization of your models as we understand and follow your evolving strategies and realities. By seamlessly integrating contextualized data, artificial intelligence and simulation capabilities for supply chain scenario planning, everything we do – and how we do it – is designed to solve real-world healthcare issues and positively impact patient outcomes by revolutionizing supply chain visibility, intelligence and decision-making.
Customized implementation takes a lot less time than you might think, and it will be led by one of MUUTAA™’s expert project managers. We also provide personalized remote training, as well as online training materials for end users. 
Secure, compliant AIaaS solutions

Our secure, cloud-based platform and solutions are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), a flexible cloud computing environment. Enabling centralized data storage with HIPAA-compliant deidentification and security, our supply chain AIaaS solutions meet all security and compliance requirements for data locality, protection and confidentiality, giving you peace of mind that all information, identities, applications and devices are protected.

Hospital Supply Chain Automation

Just as supply chain AI enables precise demand sensing, forecasting and ordering, automation is essential for efficiency. Purpose-built for next-level agility and accuracy, explore our AIaaS solutions to see how we empower healthcare supply chain professionals to make informed, efficient and cost-effective purchasing decisions: Platform

Our machine learning platform provides essential building blocks to using purpose-built AI for more efficient and effective supply chain logistics, inventory management and procurement. allows you to run templated AI tasks on your data, modifying and adjusting according to specific needs, with or without the help of MUUTAA™ analysts (that’s up to you!).


DemandAMP+™ automates the time-consuming tasks associated with data collection and interpretation. Its AI component, which includes machine learning, natural language processing and annotation, is complemented by simulation technologies that allow you to easily modify individual factors to assess impact on your supply chain.