About us

With future-focused innovation at our core, our company name was inspired by the Finnish word for change or transition. From decades-long careers in healthcare technology and executive leadership, our company’s founders, Barry Holleman and Korina Fischer, recognized the need for technology to support better, faster supply chain decisions as part of the industry shift to sustainable, value-based healthcare.

To bring their vision to life, MUUTAA™ leaders formed an extraordinary development and intelligence team of experts in clinical workflows, medical supply and medication management, emerging technologies, traceability, logistics, health data management, and artificial intelligence.

Meet the team

Korina Fischer

Co-founder & CEO

Korina Fischer is a forward-thinking entrepreneur and experienced business leader with 20+ years in world-class health technology companies.  Prior to Cofounding MUUTAA™, she held leadership roles at Cardinal Health, B-TEMIA and Optel Group where she was responsible for leading diversification strategies, new product introductions and business development. Korina possesses an in-depth understanding of healthcare IT ecosystems, pharmaceutical and medical device supply chains, clinical workflow and relationship management with research institutes.

Barry Holleman

Co-founder & COO

Barry Holleman is a successful healthcare executive with extensive expertise in healthcare IT, drug lifecycle management as well as healthcare supply chains. After leading Cardinal Health’s Canadian technology arm for more than 12 years, Barry has enabled medical technology start-ups to become commercially viable.   Barry has applied his global business skills to spearhead market adoption of innovative technologies in healthcare across the European Union and North America.

Christian Ménard

Strategic Advisor

Dr. Christian Ménard, PhD is an accomplished scientific professional with over 25 years of R&D experience in the healthcare domain. His stellar track record includes leadership roles at BD Life Sciences, BD Diagnostics, Geneohm Sciences Canada, Infectio Diagnostic and the CHUQ Infectious Disease Research Center. Christian’s specialized skills encompass R&D optimization, product development, quality assurance and regulatory requirements.

Way Forward: Clinically
Integrated Supply Chains

At MUUTAA™, we understand a clinically integrated supply chain model is the way forward. Today, we are optimizing the purchasing process through patient-driven demand, which enhances micro and macro-level understanding of real-world utilization compared to clinical protocols. As the MUUTAA™ platform expands and our mission continuously moves closer to our vision, we believe the deep learning made possible through our platform will shed new light on protocol and medication adherence, which can ultimately inform better care and drive better health outcomes.