MUUTAA executive offers AI insights in industry-leading publication.

COO and Co-founder Barry Holleman discusses the advantages of AI-informed supply chain solutions in healthcare.

QUEBEC CITY, QUEBEC (September 12, 2022) – It has become apparent in recent years and exacerbated during the pandemic that supply chain management is a high priority for healthcare organizations. However, many hospitals remain reluctant or unaware of the full potential of AI technology and its impact on supply chain management.

Recently, Barry Holleman, COO, and Co-founder of MUUTAA, along with other supply chain experts spoke with Becker’s Hospital Review about how AI can adapt to meet healthcare systems with optimizing their supply data  and also improves order management.

“Which leads to a wide range of benefits from reduced panic buying and stock outs to greater efficiency and lower overall costs,” Holleman explained.

By following the data to address business challenges their teams face, supply chain professionals should take advantage of the insights gained by implementing AI methods.

Predictive and prescriptive analytics used in AI can improve patient experience and staff workflows. Predictive analytics can forecast what supplies will be needed and when. They can manage logistics, show product cost comparisons, and handle invoices and payments. This technology has the capability to form more robust, transparent, and dependable supply chains by delivering automation and decision support.

In addition to supporting and forecasting demand, healthcare organizations can use AI solutions to eliminate staff redundancy, allowing supply chain professionals and other employees to concentrate on strategy and implementation. Holleman believes this will lead to a wide range of benefits. He cites reduced over-purchasing, greater efficiency, and lower overall costs among those benefits.

Holleman emphasizes the importance of organizations finding the right AI service partner that will help find new strengths and weaknesses within their supply chain but will also be able to leverage them for results.

“Supply chain leaders should be aware that deploying AI effectively is a journey,” Holleman said. “This journey can and should start even if all the data sources are still scattered and not integrated.”


With leading innovation for hospital and health system supply chains of all sizes, MUUTAA is a health technology firm based in Quebec and currently serving the U.S. and Canadian markets. Purpose-built for next-level agility and accuracy, MUUTAA solutions enable healthcare supply chain professionals to make more strategic and meaningful contributions to organizational objectives for cost, quality, and accessibility of care. The MUUTAA mission powers deep learning to inform smarter decisions, support better care and ultimately improve health outcomes.



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