Healthcare AI adoption in context of other industries

KPMG recently released their report: Living in an AI world, where the consulting firm is studying the state of AI adoption across different industries and provides an outlook on the obstacles to overcome to accelerate further AI adoption.
For the healthcare industry, Roberto Torres from CIODIVE, summarizes:
‘Healthcare is bullish on the advantages of AI, though its main intent is focused on the customer. For 91% of healthcare industry respondents, AI is increasing access to care for patients. In a separate study published by UnitedHealth Group’s health services arm Optum, half of healthcare organizations expect the technology to also deliver financial benefits, with positive return on investment in three years.​
In a highly regulated industry, such as healthcare, access to the right data sets — the backbones of successful AI deployment — hinder the speed at which healthcare companies can experiment with this technology, Gusher said. A hesitation to move their systems to the cloud adds more friction to AI use, a trait healthcare has in common with the financial services industry.” 
MUUTAA recognizes these concerns and hesitations and applies methodologies to allow our partners in healthcare to keep data on premiss and drive results through federated learning systems. MUUTAA specifically focuses on the value chain from medication discovery to medication prescription and delivery, where we aim to deliver medication with precision, speed, and in sustainable fashion to each consumer.

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