AI improving the pharma supply chain

Where Gary Hutchinson is writing specifically about the benefits of applied AI for the management of the Rx cold chain on the Forbes Technology Council page, we believe that his trend analysis applies well to the broader Rx supply chain.
“Artificial intelligence (AI) will transform the pharmaceutical cold chain — not in the distant, hypothetical future, but in the next few years. As the president of a company that has been actively involved in the creation of an application that will utilize machine learning to generate predictive data on environmental hazards in the biopharmaceutical cold chain cycle, I’ve seen firsthand the promise of this technology.
When coupled with machine learning and predictive analytics, the AI transformation goes much deeper than smarter search functions. It holds the potential to address some of the biggest challenges in pharmaceutical cold chain management.”
He goes on to list areas where we have seen a direct AI impact, such as: Analytical decision making, supply chain management, inventory management and warehouse management.
We at MUUTAA believe the current strides are only the tip of the iceberg and that AI, in the next decade, will streamline the pharma supply chain, for both the traditional actors as well as the emerging new players in the direct to consumer delivery market.
MUUTAA approaches the application of AI with a ‘problem up’ approach and seeks to implement technologies iteratively to tackle real life problems in the now. MUUTAA works on solutions tackling patient access, medication shortages, distribution optimization, verification automation, deprescribing, adherence and opioid abuse.

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