“AI in healthcare: A post-pandemic prescription”

In his article “Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: A Post-Pandemic Prescription” David Nash, describes the several challenges that need to be overcome for AI to be a game changer.
He refers to Robert Pearl, MD, a well-known advocate for technologically advanced care delivery, who recently stated; “If AI is to live up to its hype in the healthcare industry the products must first address fundamental human problems.”
Nash goes on to say: “First, I would encourage all healthcare AI developers and vendors to involve ethicists, clinical informatics experts, and operational experts from the inception of product development.
Second, I would recommend that healthcare AI be subjected to a higher level of scrutiny. Because AI is often “built in” by a trusted business partner and easily implemented, objective evaluation may be waived. As data science techniques become increasingly complex, serious consideration must be given to multidisciplinary oversight of all AI in healthcare.”
Besides commercial efforts to address the fundamental human problems in healthcare with a team of operational and clinical experts, MUUTAA connects with the academic world and gets involved in research where it could see tangible real-life results that depends on the underpinning work of scientists and clinical experts.

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