US Rx adherence: 53% of Rx abandoned due to cost

Surescripts released results of a Surescripts commissioned survey of 1,001 U.S. patients to understand their prescription challenges, desires and behavior—and how their experience with their prescriptions affects the healthcare decisions they make.
I’m providing the key findings that confirm the need for action and the need for solutions to make the decision making process around medication selection and medication filling insightful. First line care professionals need to have informations at their fingertips to act swiftly and determine the best course for each individual patient (and that is a quest we have accepted at MUUTAA)
Prescription costs and delays continue to impact adherence.
53 percent of patients have chosen not to obtain a prescription because of cost. Twenty-nine percent said they did not take a medication because it took too long to fill.
Today’s patients are ready to talk about costs.
The cost factor is emerging as one the main reasons for poor Rx adherence. A majority of patients (56%) say they discuss prescription prices with their care providers at least some of the time. That’s especially true for younger patients and those dealing with a chronic condition.
Price conversations matter when patients choose and recommend providers.
41% of patients said they’ve referred other patients to their doctor due to their experience having conversations about prescription prices and lower cost alternatives.
Millennials value prescription price transparency
Millennials place greater weight on discussions about prescription prices and lower-cost alternatives than older patients. They are more likely to find these conversations highly important and use them as a factor in choosing (or remaining with) a provider.

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