The best AI strategy: stop pondering and start now..

Successful enterprises often attribute their consistent growth or wellbeing to successful strategic planning efforts, including the definition of meaningful KPI’s and the deployment of MBO strategies to align the troops and deliver the results.
They make the significant necessary changes when business is going very well in order to respond to changing environments, emerging trends and prepare strategies for when the core activities might fall short.
Since decennia deploying a comprehensive IT strategy in support of the overall business strategies is considered the natural course of the business. However, that IT infrastructure you are using today wasn’t built in one day. Imagine pioneering the first applications that automated the simplest tasks but started to demonstrate results and laid the groundwork for tremendous efficiencies. Enterprises that adopted a vision and pioneered in the early stages of these applied IT solutions quickly started to lead in their field. Now no enterprise can go without.
This is where we can draw the parallel to what we see occurring in the deployment of AI solutions. Developing an understanding for how our existing data and a comprehensive data acquisition strategy can be crucial for the future potential of the business is a must.
The question is how to engrain this in the organization when the understanding of the applied technologies is very much evolving. A good strategy to understand the value and importance of the data available in your organization is to take an opportunistic approach and execute AI projects where you see the opportunity for gain, have the data and can experiment and deploy the technology. Results could be small at first but it will trigger a sense of success and a desire to advance and look for further benefits.
These wins will help the organization to understands its data, look at data differently and start to have the ability to develop an encompassing multiyear strategy. The importance however is to advance and not be left behind.
Might your organization be in the medication development and medication delivery chain, we are here to help you scope out the opportunities and help you develop your strategies. Even if you are deploying some strategies already you might be surprised by our perspective.

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