The ‘AI in Healthcare 2020 Leadership Survey Report’ is out:

Mary C. Tierney, MS, summarizes the findings of this very insightful survey through highlighting the below items. The full survey is to be found here and the issue of AI in healthcare can be found here
  • AI is not part of their current plans (36%),more than quarter (27%) are assessing and planning to deploy AI in the future and 23% are advanced and proficient with AI
  • Top 3 benefits of AI: Improving efficiency, workflow and accuracy
  • Top priority for AI: Using EMR data to reliably predict risk
  • Top challenge of AI: Lack of financial resources
  • AI holds the greatest promise in: Diabetes, neurological disease and heart disease
  • Most two-thirds of their organizations expect to add 1-10 AI apps in the next 18 months
  • About half report their organizations will spend $1million to $10 million on AI this year
  • About half will spend $1 million to $10 million this year on infrastructure
  • Optimism reigns supreme among CIOs, with most of them reporting that their organization has a full understanding of data governance and privacy, uses data to effectively support AI efforts and senior leadership demonstrates ownership and commitment to AI initiatives
  • 59% work for an organization that is already using 1-10 AI-based apps in clinical practice
  • 53% have a data governance policy
  • CIOs aren’t yet sure (44%) if they want to share de-identified data with other healthcare organizations to improve AI methods, although 38% will share it for a fee.
  • While about half are shy on collaborating with research organizations to develop AI apps trained on local patient data reporting they have no plans to collaborate.
  • Some 38% are planning to collaborate.57% plan to commercialize AI apps they have developed

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