Simplifying the Path to a Clinically Integrated Supply Chain

AI at your service: Simplifying the path to a clinically integrated supply chain

By Korina Fischer

If you are a healthcare supply chain leader, you already know digitization is sweeping the industry – and that a clinically integrated supply chain (a.k.a. digital supply network) is emerging quickly as the way forward for your enterprise. You see the advantages of marrying inventory and order data with financial data (billing) and clinical data (care and outcomes) for better, faster supply chain decisions. You see the benefits of basing your medication and medical supply decisions on actual consumption and data-driven forecasting. You see the opportunity to make more meaningful, proactive contributions to enterprise objectives like value-based care, community/population health, and lowering the total cost of care.

But perhaps what you can’t see, is how to get there. Sound familiar?

When it comes to the building blocks of a clinically integrated supply chain, many in the industry express their inability to see the forest through the trees – and indeed, it can seem overwhelmingly complex. How do you integrate and contextualize all that data, and how can you cull through such massive volumes of information to get the insights you really need? You know you need the amplifiers of artificial intelligence for decision support, but you lack the necessary in-house data science expertise or the budget necessary for a large AI investment.

Great news: What may seem out of reach – full data integration and enrichment, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and smart simulation – is now readily available through an online subscription. Through the accessibility of cloud-computing, AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS) is now at your service, ready to transform supply chain “best guesses” into well-informed decisions. Here is a look at how our DemandAMP+ solution focuses on patient-driven demand, making it the leading-edge solution:

DemandAMP+ the first and only AI solution for healthcare supply chains that focuses on patient driven demand

AIaaS provides key infrastructure for fulfilling what Dr. Anne Snowden, Director of Clinical Research at HIMSS Analytics and Scientific Director and CEO of SCAN Health, describes as the “critical role of supply chain for digital health ecosystems.” Through AIaaS, you gain access to highly sophisticated healthcare AI platforms that provide what Deloitte consultants refer to as a “DSN control tower.” In MUUTAA’s AI Platform, we call it an “intelligence layer,” and it is purpose-built to integrate, enrich, contextualize, manipulate, and analyze all applicable data points at speeds and reliability levels far beyond what normal human intelligence can achieve.

“Digitizing the supply chain offers a cost-effective opportunity for health care providers to deliver the right product to the right patient at the right time – to use technological advances to improve data flow and analytics, provider-patient connectedness, asset tracking, and regulatory compliance.”

—Deloitte consultants, excerpt from “Giving health care providers a digital edge: The case for digital supply networks

For a more in-depth exploration into how fit-for-purpose AIaaS for healthcare supply chains can expand and integrate your data pool, eliminate manual data collection and analysis, reduce costly supply obsolescence and supply chain waste, optimize your inventory, and improve clinical collaboration in the shift to sustainable, value-based healthcare, request a meeting with MUUTAA today.

About the author

Healthcare AI entrepreneurKorina Fischer is the Chief Executive Officer and Cofounder of MUUTAA, a healthcare AI company focused on patient-driven demand for clinically integrated supply chains. She is a forward-thinking entrepreneur with 20+ years’ proven leadership in health IT ecosystems, pharmaceutical and medical device supply chains, clinical workflow, and relationship management. To contact Korina, email or call 581-398-0068.

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