Outlook on artificial intelligence for the cognitive 20’s

On the Forbes Blog, Thomas Caldwell discusses Cognitive Computing In The Next Decade Of AI. He outlines the potential of technologies cross industries and touches on a number of elements which resonate well with MUUTAA’s strategy to bring useful applications to the healthcare domain.
“Cloud computing “big data” pipelines are becoming the norm, with technologies like Kafka, noSQL databases and serverless cloud computing that signal a shift to containers and microservices. This enables a more elastic and cost-effective cloud platform for AI and cognitive computing.
Time-series databases are now becoming a very popular infrastructure for this type of analysis. The intersection of this time-oriented data analysis, combined with a “human expert in the loop,” can enable a new era of cognitive computing to solve many tough problems we face in society. Just like with a child, a human expert can tell the software when it is correct and when it makes errors — so it learns from its mistakes and becomes smarter. In cognitive computing, the machine will use multiple data sources and the output of multiple layers of analysis to help solve a problem.
The next decade will bring rapid advances in the way we build software. Instead of a focus on logic/rule building (deterministic programming), we will see a focus on data tagging and data cleansing. In AI it is all about the data — good, clean data and lots of it. We are already seeing a shift in “offshore” contracting in software to a focus on AI data tagging/labeling and building up massive cloud infrastructures for data pipelines.”

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