MUUTAA™ Leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Improve Performance for Healthcare Supply Chains

MUUTAA™, a technology company that develops AI solutions for healthcare supply chain management, partnered with the cloud technology firm Unicorne to develop a secure, well-performing and scalable architecture for its DemandAMP+™ solution in AWS Cloud. 

Leveraging the advanced computing power of AWS, MUUTAA™ has built its solution on a bedrock of security, scalability, and high performance. In a new case study, Unicorne’s AWS-certified experts detail how they created a fully automated code infrastructure that helps MUUTAA™’s end-customers forecast better, gain agility and reduce carrying costs.

As a result, DemandAMP+™ customers are reducing carrying, stockout, and substitution costs dramatically. By optimizing visibility for greater precision and flexibility, MUUTAA™ technologies not only enable better sourcing and inventory decisions, they automate processes and equip organizations to perform accurate predictive modeling, scenario planning, simulation and more. 

To learn more about MUUTAA™’s highly secure, cloud-based, AI-as-a-service technology for healthcare supply chains, read the case study and contact us today:

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