Digital Healthcare Transformation acceleration observed for 2020

Joseph E. Guimera, JD tends to focus us towards the positive impact technologies should have on patients. In May, 2019, he speaks of the early stages of the digital transformation in summing up some of the potential of transformational technologies in healthcare. He sees the potential for big data analytics, AI, Internet of Medical Things, and robotics. We agree that often these applications remain theoretical and academic and the applied benefits and adaption of these technologies have been lacking.
At MUUTAA, we see that since May 2019, the application of these technologies is accelerating and that the positive impact on patient outcomes is becoming a reality. We see this acceleration as a very positive indicator for the industry and healthcare in general, where digital transformation has been lacking.
MUUTAA helps in digital transformation and specifically the transformation of the medication supply chain. MUUTAA partners will all actors along the chain.

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