AI and the disintermediated healthcare professional

“Because for anything that’s machine learning-based, the machine learning gets better as the cost of compute and cost of storage goes to zero. But what machine learning really craves is data. And the reason machine learning and medicine is a marriage made in heaven is that medicine has a ton of data. All of which can now be stored, brought to algorithms, and related to later outcomes.”
Vijay Pande writes in his blog on how technology aims to make healthcare better and should become a part of the care team. He addresses the issue of disintermediating the healthcare professionals and provides an interesting perspective on this. We realize that with the application of technology data treatment and interpretation will go faster than any human can process. The result will therefor contribute to better care. MUUTAA offers solutions in the workflow where repetitive tasks and significant cognitive efforts can be automated (when data permits) and liberates time to redirect to direct patient care.

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