AI adoption in healthcare slow but moving

In his article in the Harvard Business Review, Roger Kuan discusses the complexities of AI adoption in healthcare. In a number of paragraphs he phrases the importance of the approach that MUUTAA has adopted: start applying AI now and where you can to prove efficiencies and gain trust.
To gain physicians’ trust, AI-software developers will have to clearly demonstrate that when the solutions are integrated into the clinical decision-making process, they help the clinical team do a better job. The tools must also be simple and easy to use. Applying AI in lower-stakes tasks initially, such as billing and coding (e.g., diagnostics, AI-assisted treatments), should also help increase trust over time.
At the industry level, there needs to be a concerted effort to publish more formalized use cases that support AI’s benefits. Software developers and investors should be working with professional associations such as the ACR to publish more use cases and develop more frameworks to spur industry adoption and get more credibility.
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